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Infosys: On The Eve Of Q4 Earnings

Dear Fellow Readers,

The management of Infosys Ltd (INFY) is about to declare its Q4 earnings on 13th April, 2017. The stock has been under bearish mode since June 2016 after hitting its all time high price of 1279.30 per share. The movement in the stock of Infosys Ltd from the low of 66.10 made in September, 2001 to its all time high of 1279.30 was an impulsive run and the stock may witness correction in simple zigzag (A-B-C) pattern upto the level of 816.00, being the 38.20% retracement level of the total rise from 66.10 to 1279.30 level.

The fall from its all time high price of 1279.30 to its low price of 901 per share, looks to be an impulsive run, whereby the stock has completed its first leg, i.e., 'A', of its simple zigzag corrective pattern. Besides, its seems that the stock of Infosys Ltd has completed its second leg, i.e., 'B', in a-b-c (901-1022, a -901.15, b - 1044, c) pattern, and looks to have started its last leg 'C' which might another impulsive…

RPower: On The Eve Of Q4 Earnings

Reliace Power has just reversed after touching the supply line drawn in the chart connecting the two highs of 61.25 and 56.45.
The stock of RPower, before breaching out of the supply line and start new bull rally, is trying to test the patience of the investor who have been invested in the stock since the Initial Public offerings or of those who might have invested in the stock on the higher price after the listing of the stock on Indian bourses.

The stock may try to touch the upper resistance/supply line before it starts moving further down.

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JetAirways: Complex Correction

Jet Airways, one of India's leading and biggest domestic airline companies, providing it services domestically as well as internationally, had came out with an Initial Public Offerings through book-building process way back in February, 2005. The ipo was subscribed by 16.2 times as compared to 17.27 millions shares that were offered for subscription. The ipo price was fixed at 1100 whereby the price range for the ipo was 950-1125.

The stock of Jet Airways got listed and started trading on BSE & NSE, India's leading stock exchanges, on and from 14th March, 2005. The stock opened at the price of 1155 being the low for the rest of the day, went to the high of 1338.90 and got settled/closed at the price of 1304.20 per share on NSE on the listing date. The stock made its all-time high of 1382.75 on 26th April, 2005 and still the same has not been breached after that. Moreover, the stock breached its issue price of 1100 on 21st September, 2005 and traded in the range of 970-112…